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The exhibits are drawings that don't really belong with the other ones. I've tried to provide as few limitations as possible in the regular cartoon, but these are separate because of theme, language or something else.

Buckwheat & Snacks
21 May 2003

Buckwheat & Snacks

When Berkeley says his name it sounds vaguely like "Buck-wee." He was calling Quincy "Max" for some reason the other day. Kim asked Quinn if his name was Max. He replied, "No. Snacks." We thought they sounded like superheroes.

updated 11 April 2003


I was watching the amazing Waking Life the other night. It inspired me to try a little different approach. I did a scaled down version for one cartoon (24 June 2003). These portraits of the kids are a little more detailed.

Blue Circus
7 April 2003

Blue Cirus (PG-13)

I saw a lame cartoon in the Laugh Parade with two elephants. I thought of a better caption. I checked MS clip art for other circus animals and made these cartoons. Due to the nature of the captions this is called Blue Circus.

4 April 2003

Millionaire (PG-13)

Millionaire is based on a song of the same name by Loose Fur (Jeff Tweedy, Jim O'Rourke and Glen Kotchke). It is not on their great new album, Loose Fur, but they regularly play it live.


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